Hamption Style

Ever since something’s gotta give, I have fallen in love with the Hampton style of decorating.  It is a timeless, casual, elegance that is light and airy with an updated look.

Something's Gotta Give_thumb[2]

From the set of Something’s Gotta Give

I have been slowly renovating and transforming my house to reflect the style of the Hamptons.  Why not get that look here in hot and dry Texas?  At least, I can imagine that I am near the ocean.


My Den

Here are a few key elements of Hampton Style:

1) Natural Light

This is one of the key features of this style.  So, open those blinds and replace those dark curtains with light flowing drapes.



Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware sell beautiful white and cream linen and cotton drapes.



 2) Keep Things Light

Along the lines of natural light, make sure the room is light and airy by having light upholstered items and some light wood pieces of furniture mixed in.  Darks and lights are often mixed together in this style, but the emphasis is towards light.  Slipcovered couches are beautiful.  Some wicker pieces or natural tables can also be perfect for creating this look. 



3) Mix New and Old

Casual elegance usually incorporates some antique pieces inot the design.  Having a contemporary table with old farm chairs is a great demonstration of mixing the old with the new.  In my living room, I have an antique table with a marble top that was purchased from a French Ambassador.  It fits right in with my traditional and updated couch and chairs. 



4) Wood Floors and Paneling

Dark Floors with white paneling is your classic hampton house.  It’s so easy update an old home with dark wood paneling into the look of a one that belongs on the beach by just simply painting the paneling white.  But, there is something beautiful and timeless by having a dark wood floor meet with white wood paneling.



5) Bring Nature In

Plants, corals, dried Hydrangeas, shells, and stones are all beautiful accessories and fit this style.  It brings life and memories of long walks along the beach.  Even pillows and drapes with patterns or pictures of shells and corals would work.  I love the look of natural woven rugs in a room too.  Pottery Barn has a nice selection of natural rugs at a great price point.



6) Marble/ Soapstone and Nickel accents

Ah, what is a kitchen without a marble or soapstone counter?  Add Nickel accents to cabinets and light fixtures and you are bound to achieve this look.




Tennis Hairstyles

Tired of the same look on the tennis court?  Why not change up your hair?  Below are different ways you can style your hair on the court.


1) The Classic Ponytail

Make sure that you add mousse or gel to the hair to give it some body and to keep in place while you play










2) Athletic Braid

Click here to access the video on how to create this braid, as seen on Maria Sharipova.

Sportfrisuren Anleitung

3) Headbands with a high pony tail or bun.

1I love the little skinny headbands.  


The classic Sports headbands from Lululemon or Nike also look good.  You can do the classic mid width or the bandeau.headbandearcover

This is genius for the winter!! I’m always wearing ear warmers, but they keep slipping off.  You can find this on trailheads.com

4) French Braid- Classic and side

sidebraid frenchbraid

6) High Bun

Screen Shot 2012-03-24 at 21.27.55

7) Little braids

Braid-up-the-side IMG_1013

My New Planner- Erin Condren Review

erinI love planners!  I love making lists!  Something about that small mundane act, just makes me happy!  2 years ago, I ditched my paper planner for a new sleek mini ipad!  I was so excited!  I downloaded every task, project, reminder, to do app out there!  My husband even started sending me invites to let me know when he was going to be late due to an event.  Life was great!

IMG_0714-2Then, small things happened… like, I would write a name down and auto spell would change the name.  Or, I would enter an appointment, only to miss an appointment and when looking back, not being able to find the appointment.  Or, the dreaded am vs pm mistake.  What finally did it for me was when I lost my ipad (kids were playing with it) and my cell went dead.  I had no clue what my day was like and I went hour by hour dreading that I was going to miss an appointment or forget a to do. 

Truth be told, I miss my old fashion paper planner.  Apparently, I’m not alone!  There are tons of companies out there selling paper planners.  After a lot of research, I went with Erin Condren.  They got me on their designs, stickers, month view, weekly view, goals and meal planning.  It was so much fun creating my planner!  


I love that there are tabs for each month and you can quickly flip over to the month view.  There is also weekly view pages that are seperated into morning, afternoon and evening.  You can write your goals, meal plans etc. 


 I love the stickers!  It quickly alerts you what important events you have going on in the month views


Look at all these fun extras!  I really love the zipper pouch, pen holder, calender and contact book (it reminds you of all birthdays and important events) and the pamphlet/page holders and the plastic book mark. 

I’m wanting the no bleed through Paper Mate Flair Point-Guard Porous Point Pens, 12 Colored Pens
  from amazon.  I think I’m going to start color coding my activities by each family member.

Here is a little video explaining the 2014-2015 Life Planner and all the fun extras!

Click here to order your Erin Condren Life Planner!




Young Living Mindwise


I’m really excited about this new product from Young Living!  It’s called Mindwise and it tastes good and helps heal the mind and take away brain fog.  It is particularly good for those with Dementia, Alzheimer, Autism, or Brain Trauma.  I will be sending a bottle to my grandmother. 


But, Mindwise is still very relevant to the rest of us.  I don’t get much sleep and anything that helps me out  with memory or brain fog is a must try in my book!  Plus, it will be great for my little girl when she starts school!  I plan on giving this to her everyday to help her focus and to recall facts for tests or quizzes. 


What’s in it?

Sacha Inchi Nut Oil- A nut that grows in Peru.  It is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, as well as omega-6s and omega-9s. It also contains vitamin A and E

GPC– is a supplement here in the US.  But, in Europe, it is an ingredient that is in drugs given to those with Alzheimer.  

COQ10– It is a lot more potent in an oil form and helps build cellular energy. 

Tumeric–  Helps with Dementia and Alzheimer.  India has low number of Dementia and Alzheimer and it is thought to be because of all the Tumeric they consume. 

Lithium Orotate is commonly used in drugs for the brain. 



You take 2TB/day for the first 7-10 days before breakfast and then reduce to 1 TB after 10 days.  Children take 1-2 tsp/daily.






Sun Room Remodel

We recently remodeled our sun room that was in great disrepair and basically ignored.  It was an old patio that was closed in and still had the old house siding and our mismatched rattan furniture that we didn’t know what to do with. 

Then, as I was flipping through the Pottery barn catalog, I saw this picture and inspiration hit!


With this picture in hand, I handed it to my designer, Steven Mayfield, and said… “Let’s go!” We dry walled the old siding, dressed up our old windows with Cedar wood trim and added beams.  Even our ugly discount tile that we originally had, looked nice in the room…. so we kept it!  It’s amazing what small changes in a room can do!  What do you think of the transformation?


P1000564 sunroom2

I had fun shopping at antique malls and finding accessories to put on top of this  garden table that Steven found for me at the Wisteria Outlet sale for $75!


 Saturday mornings, we like to eat breakfast as a family in the sun room and enjoy the view.  This table is perfect for us!


This room has to be functional also.  Our boys love playing out here.  We have sea grass baskets under our table to hide all of their toys.


 Another Wisteria find!  This little metal table cost me $15!


I found these 2 painting in a clothing boutique around the corner.  $70 for the 2 of them!


It’s all in the details :)


Designed by : Steven Mayfield- Mayfield Designs 817-343-5034

Pottery Barn: Seagrass Sectional, Carpet, pillows

Pink Hanger: Paintings

Wisteria : Metal Table, Garden Table, Round Table, Wooden Chairs



Greece- Day 3- Delphi

Oh my, oh my!!!  Finally!!!  I am on my way to Delphi!  I have been wanting to see Oracle of Delphi where Appolo’s spirit was and to see the majestic mountains of Delphi!  I loaded the bus early and was on my way for the 3 hour journey to Delphi from Athens.  What a sight!   Not once, did I fall asleep.  We weaved through the mountains and there were times we all gasped as the bus hugged the road with just feets to spare over the high cliffs.  I was taking pictures of the view and the amazing scenery, but my camera just did not do it justice.  Just like the pictures I took in Nepal and Lucerne, unless you are there, no picture can make you feel as small or at awe as actually being there. 


I did the Viator tour to Delphi.  It was ok… Our tour guide seem to know his history and his spiel, but he looked quite bored doing it.. like this was something he did every day, which he probably did!  I made a friend on the trip as this was the beginning of her leg in her after college tour.  She was meeting up with friend in Turkey next.  Lucky! 

View of the Oracle from up the trail




We also visited the museum up the road



There is little picturesque ski town called, Arahova, that we visted on the way back.  It has a reputation for having a great nightlife in the winter and is called the Mykonos of the Mountainsarahova5

arahova2Arahova1 arahoa3          _DSC3130 





My Favorite Wimbledon Fashion

I love watching Wimbledon and even more, I love looking at the sea of white and all the different tennis fashions revealed at the games.  I love white tennis outfits.  It’s so classic!  Here are my favorites from Willdon.

Eleven Dress worn by Serena Williams

I love the shoulder mesh and cap sleeves!



Serene Williams’ Nike Wimbeldon Dress.

Nike changed the black band to white from their initial reveal.

Serena-Williams-Wimbledon-2014-dressBritain Wimbledon Tennis




Jelena Jankovic’s Fila dress

 I love this dress!  The pleats are beautiful and classic with the logo located on the back.



Ana Ivanovic Addidas dress by Stella McCarty

Another favorite of mine!  Love the clean lines!





Sunscreens can be dangerous?


Hubby after surgery to remove Basal Cell Carcinoma

So, I’m a tanned Asian that has burned twice in my life (when I say burned, just barely red).  I hardly wear sunscreen and instead I get a nice deep brown tan.  I love that about my heritage!  But, in 2010, all that changed.  My husband, who is about as white as you can be, was diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma on his nose.  Unlike me, he always wore sunscreen.  It was a horrible ordeal with having to cut a huge hole in his nose and having a plastic surgeon reconstruct it (he was awesome to let me take a picture of him, but he wanted it to be a warning to others).  After that event, I started being more concerned about using sun protection.  I started researching sunscreens in my quest to find the latest and greatest.  To my dismay, I found a lot of articles that states that sunscreens could be cancer causing and be a factor to other side effects.  Hmmm… interesting!  So, you are trying to prevent skin cancer, but may be causing other forms of cancer?  Pick your poison!



There are 18,000 sunblock products out there and according to EWG (Environmental Working Group), there are only 143 that have met its’ criteria and got a score of 1 or 2 (lower the better and 1 and 2 are deemed safe). And,only half of all sunblock are approved in Europe. EWG’s mission is to help drive consumer choice and civic action with breakthrough research and an informed public.  I love their databases!  They have one for sunblock, makeup, cleaning items and personal care items.  I have this website bookmarked.

According to EWG, the following are things we should not look for in Sunscreen300

1) Spray Sunscreens: Bummer!  They make it easy to apply, but they also pose a serious risk for inhalation.  The FDA issued a warning until they finish their investigation and Consumer Reports also issued a warning based on this.

2) Super High SPFs: SPF only protects against UVB rays, which prevent a person from burning.  However, UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin and can cause accelerated aging and skin cancer.  Consumers that use sunscreen with higher SPF, tend to stay out in the sun longer, because they are not getting burned.  However, they are exposing themselves longer to UVA rays.

Most of the safe sunblocks are about 30-45 SPF.  Recommended SPF is 30.  You can see that after 30, the blocked UVB ray percentage only gets better by about 1%.  After 45, the percentage increase is insignificant.

  • SPF 15 – blocks about 94% of UVB rays
  • SPF 30-  blocks 97% of UVB rays
  • SPF 45  blocks about 98% of rays

3) Oxybenzone: More than 40% of sunscreens contain this active ingredient.  Oxybenzone enters your bloodstream and acts like estrogen.  It is linked to allergic reactions and studies show that it may also cause endometriosis in older women and lower birth weight girls.

4) Retinyl Palmitate: 20% of sunscreens contain this ingredient.  It is thought to have anti aging effects, but it also accelerates the development of skin tumors and lesions acording to studies done by the governement.  So, how badly do you want this anti aging incredient?

5) Combined Sunscreen/Bug Repellents:  I didn’t even know they made this!  DEET… Bad… Need I say more?

6)  Sunscreen Powders or Towlettes The risk of inhalation of the powder and the lack lackluster performance of the wipes and most powders, make these not good choices. 


EWG looks into the toxicity of a sunblock.  Consumer Report looks into the effectiveness of sunscreen.   Some of the sunscreens on EWG’s list of recommended sunscreens, were on the not recommended list for Consumer Report:

Notable ones on EWG’s list and not recommended on Consumer Rerport were:

  • Alba Botanica Very Emollient Sport SPF 45
  • Beyond Coastal Natural SPF 30
  • California Baby Super Sensitive SPF 30+


I have used and recommend the following Sunscreens:



Honest Sunscreen SPF 30 EWG rating- 1  

My favorite sunblock for the kids!  It goes on well and does not create a ghost like appearance that so many natural sunscreens do.  My kids have never gotten burned with this either :)


Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen Sensitive SPF 30+ EWG rating- 2

This is a favorite of my husband and I.  It goes on easily, not thick, non greasy, no fragrance, and blocks UVB AND UVA!

Blue Lizard Australian SUNSCREEN SPF 30+, Baby, SPF 30+, 8.75-Ounces SPF 30+ EWG rating – 2

La Roche-Posay Anthelios 40 Suncreen Cream UVA Protection with Mexoryl SX, 1.7-Ounce Tube SPF 40 EWG rating- 2

It is easy to rub in, which is important for me.  It did leave me looking like a ghost though.

Bare Belly Organics Mineral Sunscreen (4oz) SPF 30 EWG rating- 1

I have not personally used this, but a friend uses this and swears by it.  It also got good ratings on Amazon.


If you can do a DIY sunscreen, my favorite is the Young Living sunscreen using Carrot Seed that gives SPF 30!  carrotseed

  • 1/4 cup Coconut Oil 
  • 1/4 cup Beeswax
  • 2tbs Shea Butter
  • 20 drops carrot seeds 
  • 5 drops of lavender (in premium starter kit)

If you are interested in ordering or learning more about the Young Living starter kit, you can click here or if you have any questions, you can email me at larissamom@gmail.com.